Rent The Gym Rent

Rent the gym for special occasions.....
Birthday Parties
School Events
Christmas Parties
Family Gatherings
(719) 336-FLIP

Choose the day and time of you 1.5 hour event. In addition, we provide you with a 30 minute complimentary set up time. You'll have access to the Kitchen, Eating Area and South Gym.
Includes 15 "Play" bands, 2 "Monitor" bands, and unlimited "Spectator" bands.
Additional Bands
$10.00 for Youth (toddler - 12 yrs old)
$15.00 for Juniors (Ages 13 - 15 yrs old)
$20.00 (Ages 16 yrs old and up)
Deposit, Payment, and Rental agreement required prior to date of rental.